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Mount & Blade

War has come down on Calradia and war attracts its own bunch of
misfits. Mercenaries, cutthroats, knights and adventurers flood into
the land looking for adventure, fortune and glory. But war is a harsh
master. It gives away death and grief to the lot, fortune to a chosen
few, and glory, wise men say, to none. Still, men ride to war, for one
or other reason. Some because they are looking for thrill and
excitement, some because they are desperate and know no other way. Some
because they are so bitter and hateful that they are willing to unleash
doom on earth... And yet some, because they are the very heroes who
will step forward to stop that...

System requirements:

Pentium 766 MHz or Compatible Processor Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Direct3D 3D accelerator
Categorie: -Download Games- | Adăugat de: Cody1 (2009-12-30)
Vizualizări: 519 | Tag-uri: Mount & Blade
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